Thursday, December 30, 2010

Team Fortress Classic Night Breakdown

Last night was the big Team Fortress Classic event! Many thanks to all the wonderful people who came to shoot it out. We managed to keep a 4 on 4 game going for a solid hour and a half before people started to go their own ways. The match was played on the iconic “2forts” map which has been around since Team Fortress was played on the QuakeWorld engine. (And I believe it’s still around in TF2.) Darabka picked up “Player of the week” with his score of 134. Among the usual suspects from the message forum, we were also joined by the server owner (who’s server we ended up piling in) and notable video makers Ben Hall (creator of Video Game Take Out) and Aaron of Rask’s Virtual Classics.

After the game ended, Balzak, Darabka, myself, and the server owner ended up playing, just the four of us, for an extra hour and a half. Many thanks go to Gak, the server owner, for being so awesome about us all showing up at once out of the blue to play in his server.

Next week on Wednesday night, there will be a second game which will be played in the same map. I know a couple of you bought copies of Team Fortress Classic just for this event, so before we move on to a new game, were gonna get some more mileage out of the 2.50 you spent on TFC. See the Steam group website for more info.

In the future, I’m planning on hosting events for Deathmatch Classic & Day of Defeat. I recommend picking up “Counterstrike Anthology 1” while it’s still on sale for 7.99. This will give you those games as well as the first counter strike and Ricochet which is a game kind of like Tron that no one plays anymore. Day of Defeat & Deathmatch Classic alone are 10 bucks at regular price, so you new Steam guys will really benefit from this in later events.

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