Thursday, December 2, 2010

Searchlight - Freeware Review

Searchlight is a platformer game staring an anime looking character who is out to collect all of the treasure chests on the screen thus continuing an everlasting quest to get to the next level. During the game, you guessed it, searchlights are after you and you need to keep away from them. (Because let me tell you. They are baaaad.) The level design shows innovation and lots of thought. Switches can be toggled in order to change the locations of some platforms giving the game a semi-puzzle feel despite controlling like a core platformer.
Searchlight is really fun and easy to pick up. The platforming mechanics are really strong, and the soundtrack is even stronger. Also, one thing that I absolutely adore about this game is that it supports USB gamepads. That seems to be a rare feature in the freeware market. This is one of those games that could quite easily have been an SNES game right out of the box.

The only real downside is having to navigate the download page which is in a foreign language. (Don’t worry. The game is in English.) But the fact that this game only weighs in at 13.2 megs makes up for that. This is one of those must have freeware games. It’s right up there with Spelunky and Cave Story. Seriously.  This is an under rated freeware game I can’t rave about enough. I wish I could make this review longer, but honestly, I’m going to go play the game. Peace. (Download Searchlight here.)


  1. This looks shweet! Me like USB gamepad support!

  2. Wow! This game is surprisingly addicting. It's not a Super Meat Boy, but this is some darn good platforming, especially for freeware. Thanks for the recommendation.