Thursday, May 31, 2018

Something is Wrong With TCR Archive

Since the TCR reboot, I have been dumping every episode into the listing for the show. This listing has every surviving episode of TCR, but this past couple weeks uploads have been failing and finally I can't seem to make it work.

All old episodes still survive, but it's not accepting new ones. I'm working to resolve this. I'll make a post about it as soon as it's working. In the mean time, Podomatic is still in business. MP3s can be downloaded from the Podomatic page, and there is now a TCR playlist in YouTube.

UPDATE: This now appears to be resolved. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Cartridge Club and Halo: Combat Evolved

Considering how late this game showed up, this might be my only participation for this month's Cartridge Club game. But I did manage to get my hands on one.

Death Addder Super Show #31 - Super

Death Adder releases episode 31 of his podcast. His episodes are a rare treat so head over to the next round and catch the new one!

"If it's bad, blame Critical Failure." -Death Adder, 2018

Check out the Death Adder Super Show on The Next Round.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The Internet's darling webcomic, Super Mega Comics, returns for two scoops of weirdness as always. This week it's "Embarrassed Sam". An important comic, with an important message.

Check out the latest strip on the SuperMegaComics website!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Chiptune Compilation Album: Chips = FLIPPED

This compilation from Chiptunes=WIN came out back in March and I somehow missed it. I think during that time, my attention was going into really getting to know for the first time, but now that I have found it, man what an album.

It's pay what you want so go get it!
Download the album from Chiptunes = WIN's bandcamp page.

gPe: Seaquest for Atari 2600 (Memory Lane)

Gaming Palooza Empire returns for their weekly Atari 2600 video. This time it's Activision's SeaQuest.

This is a timely release considering just recently there was a high score throw-down on twitter between Duke of Retro Nonsense, MightyQDog and Buried on Mars. Duke took the crown at 111850 points.

Check out Gaming Palooza Empire's Channel

Toploaded Gaming Goes Off on John Hanckock

Nothing quite like watching someone throw down. Toploaded gaming addresses some videos related to the "Too Many YouTubers?" topic that has been going around.

Check out Toploaded Gaming's Channel

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Runescape Classic to Shut Down August 6th

Jagex is bringing the old school classic Runescape to a close forever in a mere two months time. On August 6th, the Runescape Classic servers, after 17 years of service, close down. Jagex cited unsolvable technical issues as part of the reason in their announcement which you can read here.

There is still two months left. Many people running characters which have been around for more than a decade will have that time to say goodbye.

Xbox and PS2 Pick ups from Game Hunting with Hemrawc

The spoils of a good afternoon of game hunting. I shot this about a month ago. Enjoy!

GGGManLives: Mod Corner - Brutal Half-Life (Beta 2)

GGGManLives releases an updated video about the Brutal Half-Life mod which covers the new material in the updated version of the mod.
GGGManLives is the foremost authority on classic PC FPS games. If you like shooting in the first person and you haven't checked out his channel, now is the time.

Visit GGGManLives' Channel Here 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Unreal Gold is Free on!

If you don't have a account, now is a good time to set one up. Unreal Gold, recently covered by LGR, is a classic FPS with large atmopheric levels and great combat mechanics. It was the first game I ever played which had built in bots for playing deathmatch multiplayer against the PC, which was very useful back before broadband internet.

Head over to and secure a copy now. 

EDIT: It is also currently free on Steam!

DWTerminator: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (+ Tribunal & Bloodmoon Expansions)

Morrowind gets the deep analytical treatment from DWTerminator. This was a treat to see since I really enjoyed when he did this for Daggerfall. It's a lengthy watch at 42 minutes. And some of this review falls prety to "but those old graphics though", it does include coverage of the expansion packs and it also comes from the stand point of someone who has really spent a lot of time with the game. Check it out.

Check out DWTerminator's YouTube page here.

SuperMegaComics: TALKING FOOD

This week's new SuperMegaComics strip is the first one I ever remember seeing without the usual yellow backdrop. That doesn't stop it from being as weird and bizarre as ever.

Check out the latest strip on the SuperMegaComics website!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #235 - Farewell to Super Monday Night Combat

If you havent caught it already, this weeks edition of Tiger Claw Radio is up! Catch it here or in the Podomatic Streaming app on the right hand side of the page.

LGR - Unreal 20 Years Later: A Retrospective

LGR dives deep into the game that started the Unreal franchise. I had this game with the Gateway 2000 machine that my family had back in the late 90s. This was the first game I ever laid eyes on that utilized the 3dfx VooDoo card that we had in that rig.

For a classic PC gamer, LGR videos are always an event. Enjoy!

Check out LGR's YouTube Channel here.


Bithead1000 brings the business in this new video that he released over the weekend. His quest for the complete NES collection continues!


Check out BitHead1000's Channel here.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ludum Dare Coverage

This 48 hour game jam used to be something I would regularly cover back in my freeware days. A lot of great games and useful tools have come out of the Ludum Dare. The next Ludum Dare is in August. So there is some time yet. 

Visit the Ludum Dare Website

In the mean time, Ludum Dare #41 has come to a close fairly recently. It's theme was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres" You can view the results page here which has some really neat looking games like "Dragoon Drop" The Collectable Card Game Platformer and "Rhythm Quest".

A New Atari Game for a Friday Night

Opening up an Atari game just in time for Friday night!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

GaminGHD: Gaming Culture: Orchestras Suck

GaminGHD released this video about games being released with very bland and same-ish music. Excellent as always, but I left this one with the urge to finally play Monkey Island for the first time.

Check out GaminGHD's YouTube Channel.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018: The Year of Creepy Tech - Bryan Lunduke

Bryan Lunduke's latest video on creepy technology and the deeper integration of Amazon and Google into our lives really creeped me out.

Check out Bryan Lunduke's YouTube Channel.


GaminGHD: Anno 1404 “From niche to greatness”

GamingGHD has done a lot of great breakdowns of classic PC games. The Anno series is one I'm not familiar with, but I remember one of the more recent titles getting the front page treatment on Steam in it's day.

It was awesome to get a full briefing on what this series of games is and also what it was, especially since it city building games don't seem to be as popular as they used to be.


Check out GaminGHD's YouTube Channel.


SuperMegaComics has a new strip out and it looks like the artest, Brett Brimmer, is sticking to a weekly release, which is awesome. What I'm most happy about is that the SuperMegaComics website appears to be fully functional again. Dead links have been removed, the store is up and running where phyiscal books and t-shirts can be bought, and we are getting regular new strips!

Check out the new strip on the SuperMegaComics website!

OldSchoolNYCGamer: Tempest Arcade Gameplay

OldSchoolNYCGamer visits the Barcade in Philadelphia and shows off some good old Tempest. I enjoy these types of videos which are shot out on location as opposed to using MAME or something like that. It's simple and to the point. Tempest at the Barcade.

Check out OldSchoolNYCGamer's YouTube channel.


BitHead1000, who usually uploads weekly, uploads a rare second video this week. This time we have priceless tales of partying in the 80s. Never a disappointment. Here again, is BitHead1000.

Check out BitHead1000's channel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cartridge Club's Game for May: Halo Combat Evolved

This Month's edition of the Cartridge Club is good old Halo: Combat evolved. If you have a copy of Halo, dust it off and go get signed up for the Cartridge Club forums.

I have several of the Halo games, but I don't think I have a copy of the original. I'll have to get on eBay and fix before the end of the month so I can get in on the discussion a bit.

Check out the Cartridge Club here.

Check out this months game topic on their forums.

New Chiptune Compilation from DESKPOP - DESKPOP VR

After being introduced to DESKPOP from their collaboration with CHIPTUNES = WIN, there is a brand new compilation out with 11 tracks which dropped today for your enjoyment.

The text on the bandcamp site explains that the goal is to put music to a conceived visual which in this case, is based on VR. The end result is a chip album which, sounds a bit more dance/hip hop related than I'm used to listening to, but it had some great tracks. 

Some stand outs are Drain Puppet's "BRIDGE TO SPACE" which clocks in at a hearty 7:05, and Ricco Harver's - MACAW JAMZ (featuring r u s s e l b u c k) which is much shorter, but is easily the peppyest track in the group.

It's pay what you want so check out DESKPOP VR on Bandcamp and get a copy.

My Return to the Atari

Talkin Nintendo - Double Dribble

Mod Spotlight: Text to Doom (All sounds are Text to Speech)

Doom II has always had plenty of silly just-for-fun type mods. Here is a new one for the stack. All of the sounds are replaced with generic text-to-speech read offs. One problem with sound mods for the Doom games, I never quite figured out how to take a sound mod like this and apply it to custom levels. At any rate, here it is in all it's text-to-speech glory.

Check out this users YouTube channel.

Download the mod.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Top Loaded Gaming: Gaming Historian Pissed Off the Internet

Top Loaded Gaming takes a look at Nintendo cartridges with high levels of oxidization and how to deal with some of the extreme corrosion of contacts that happens as a result.

If you are ordering games off of ebay from any of the southern states in the US, this is a must watch,

Check out Top Loaded Gaming's YouTube Channel

Atari Double Ender Carts - Gaming Palooza Empire - Memory Lane

Gaming Palooza Empire takes a break from cat entertainment to return with more Atari 2600 content. I have had my eye on getting one of these double carts for a while. Nice to see them covered on gPe.

Check out the Gaming Palooza Empire channel here.


Bithead1000 goes back the Atari Lynx for a top six list. "This is the definitive list, and if you don't like it, come meet me in the streets!" That quote from this week's episode sums up why I keep coming back to his channel. Enjoy!

Check out Bithead1000's Channel.

Tiger Claw Radio #234 - What did I miss out on?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Super Monday Night Combat to Shut Down Forever

Super Monday Night Combat shuts it's servers down forever on May 22nd. It's listing has already been removed from Steam.

Here is what the dev's had to say in their farewell post:

"Hello SMNC fans!

We want to thank all of you for your support of Super Monday Night Combat. Your passion is what made this game a pleasure to work on.

However, due to the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline which is May 24th, we are sad to announce that we will be shutting down SMNC on that day. The game will remain active through May 23rd, 2018. Once our servers have been taken down, you will no longer be able to play SMNC in any game mode, so please make sure to get those matches in while you can.

As a special thank you to everyone that is still playing, from now until May 22nd, 2018, we will be giving you a gift of $10,000 of in-game currency. In order to get this, please contact our support team by emailing or opening a ticket at and be sure to include your ubernet login name. The support team will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and passion and we look forward to seeing you all again in our other games.

-The Uber Team "

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gamester81 Presents Ganryu - New Dreamcast game.

There is nothing quite like new officially produced games for classic consoles. Here is Gamester81 presenting a Dreamcast port of a game from the Neo Geo library.

Check out Gamester81's Channel here.

Pick up Ganryu form Play Asia.

SuperMegaComics: CEREAL BOWL

SuperMegaComics has been on quite a tear lately. This new one is probably my favorite strip since they have been coming out regularly. If you have never read SuperMegaComics, it's time to experience the weirdness for yourself.

Check out the latest SuperMegaComics here.

Original xbox game I missed out on.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Bithead1000 returns this week with his Garage Sale hunting offering. And this week, it's all about the hand helds.

Check out Bithead1000's channel here.

Podomatic Wont Let Me Publish TCR #233

Podomatic is still not allowing me to publish Tiger Claw Radio from this past Monday. I suppose it's to be expected that since I have added a streaming ap to the website there would be some kind of issue.

I'm still working with it. I have been with Podomatic a long time. I'm confident it can be figured out. In the mean time, that episode of TCR is still available on YouTube and can be seen here.

EDIT: #233 is now available like normal. Podomatic had some sort of internal software update and I couldn't get my episode uploaded until it was complete. It seems to work okay now.

Talkin Nintendo - Dragon Power

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Art of Video Game Commercials - NakeyJakey

It's always fun when you stumble on that one YouTube channel that hooks you into watching their entire backlog in an afternoon. For me, that channel has been NakeyJakey, who I discovered a few weeks back and I'm convinced he is making some of the finest video game content out there today.

This was his most recent video about old TV ads for video games. It's informative, funny, and I can't rave about his channel enough.

Check out NakeyJakey's channel.

Toploaded Gaming receives a package from BitHead1000

Toploaded Gaming discusses his friendship with Bithead1000 and opens an impressive acquisition.

This is one of those nitty gritty details of collecting type acquisitions. In addition, Trevor goes over how 8-bit era games were patched. Check it out.

Check out Toploaded Gaming's Channel

Check out Bithead1000's Channel

Monday, May 7, 2018

Bryan Lunduke: The Complete History of Linux (Abridged)

Bryan Lunduke has released another one of his talks live from Linuxfest. This is the complete abridge history of Linux.

These talks were the catalyst which got me to look into using Linux as an operating system. If you have any interest in the Linux world, this, and Lunduke's other live talks, are all must watch events.

Check out his website at

gPe: Missile Command for Atari 2600 (Memory Lane)

Gaming Palooza Empire returns with more Atari 2600 content. This time, covering Missle Command, one of my oldest and most favorite Atari games. When I got my Atari over a decade ago, this was one of the small number of cartridges that came along with it. Nice to see it pop up on YouTube.

Check out Gaming Palooza Empires channel here.

Tiger Claw Radio #233 - Big Game Time

This weeks episode of Tiger Claw Radio is up. It's a good one so don't miss it!

EDIT: I have had some trouble with PodOMatic this morning, so this episode does not yet appear in the streaming app on the right. I'll get that resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still catch it on YouTube, and it is also uploaded to the archive.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Chiptune Spotlight: DESKPOP & ChipWin

This name-your-price chiptune compilation has been the spotlight of music on Tiger Claw Radio for the last couple of weeks. 

The styles range pretty widely across the 16 tracks, but the common thread is that they are upbeat and pretty positive sounding.

Some of the stand out tracks are the submissions from FLOOR BABA, for creating something about as chill as it gets, Game Genie Sokolov for his use of the Genesis chip in a convincing and slick beat, and TheOfficialLobst for an uplifting track that I can only describe as top notch driving music.

Grab the album from the bandcamp listing here.

Channel Spotlight: Papa Pete

I value the opinions of the older gamers. It's especially valuable to see a channel spring up with high quality out of the gate from someone who experienced the Atari 2600 as it was happening.

Papa Pete's channel is brand new, but this is a guy with solid equipment and solid production. At the time of writing this, he has 38 subscribers which is criminally under rated in my opinion.

Here is Papa Pete going over his Atari Pickups, for your viewing pleasure.

Check out his channel here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

SuperMegaComics: Mosquito

SuperMegaComics has yet another strip out. I have been enjoying this small stint of updates in an otherwise rarely updated webcomic. SuperMegaComics has a long history of being a parody of webcomics in general, to the point where, as a fan of it, I'm pretty sure I'm being trolled hard a lot of the time.

It doesn't matter because with all of it's bizarre quirks, it's still the best.

Check out the new SuperMegaComics here.

Toploaded Gaming: Insane Package from Marlon and new pickups Part 1 of probably 3 or 4

Toploaded gaming is one of several channels I discovered from watching BitHead1000. Here he is in his game room going over a bunch of recent acquisitions.

This is a seasoned expert with some nice imports and many a tale to tell. If your not familiar, this is one to see.

Check out Toploaded Gaming's Channel

DWTerminator: Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Hot off the presses, DWTerminator releases a second review of the Elder Scrolls classic, Daggerfall.

Most review of Daggerfall are either doused in nostalgia with rose covered glasses or disinterested youth not understanding old software. This is a refreshingly objective look which takes the context of the time into account while not forgetting the shortcomings.


Check out DWTerminator's Channel here.

Mod Spotlight: Quake DM4 Jam

DM4, The Bad Place, is one of the more recognizable multiplayer death match arenas, right up there with Deck-16 from Unreal Tournament. The DM4 jam is a single player expansion with 23 maps based off of the design concepts of Quake's old DM4 level.

Of the DM4 maps I have played, I have found them much more approachable than the crushing difficulty of Arcane Dimensions.

Of the levels included, some of my favorites are the "Deimos Revisited" By Shades which is a complete rebuilding of E2M1 from the original Doom, and "Badly Placated" by ww. Although to be fair, this map pack is huge and I haven't played it all yet.

Download the expansion here.

Some gameplay videos are listed after the page break.

Quake Arcane Dimensions Updated with Even More Levels

Cruising for additional Quake levels, I noticed a download of Arcane Dimensions with a higher version number. I went ahead and grabbed it thinking there would be some minor changes or tweaks, but what I got was so much more than that.

The latest version adds an entirely new floor to map level, with a whole new set of slipgates leading to new maps. Arcane Dimensions has grown quite a bit.

In addition to the new floor, this new version is also given a custom title select menu which is a albiet a small but really nice touch.

This is a ground breaking mod for the original Quake and if you don't already have it, do yourself a favor and go pick it up.

Download Arcane Dimensions Version 1_50 From it's Quaddicted Page Here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Talkin Nintendo - Dragon Warrior

This week's Talkin' Nintendo is on Dragon Warrior 1 and 2. Enjoy!

Freeware Pick: Open Hexagon

I came across this game by accident while cruising around YouTube with my Son. I have been a huge fan of Terry Cavanagh for many years, so of course I was familiar with Super Hexagon.

Open Hexagon is unique in that, it is not just a clone of Super Hexagon, though make no mistake, it is a clone at heart, it also leaves the door open for user generated content. And thus, unlike its original parent game, it has many many expansions available with good music and creative levels for users to enjoy.

After going back to the original Super Hexagon, I find that this clone version has a lot less visual
interference and is thus easier to play. But that's just my opinion.

Download Open Hexagon from the developers site here

Atari 2600 Commando Raid shows up on Steve Benway's Channel

Steve Benway, who has been spotlighting pre-NES era games for a very long time, recently covered an Atari game which, consequently, has been played in my house quite a lot lately.

Commando Raid is somewhat of a Paratroopers Clone. Here it is presented with some commentary for your viewing pleasure.

Click here to check out his channel.