Saturday, December 4, 2010

Galcon Fusion - Indie Review

Real time strategy games stopped appealing to me in 1999 when I first played Command and Conquer online. I was building my army as quick as I could and before I could figure out where to begin my assault, an even bigger army consisting of some type of flying soldier flew in and stomped on my entire base like it was populated by ants. At that very moment, something changed in my brain. A neon sign was flashing the words “Too Complicated” over and over again.

My series of reviews of the mass amounts of indie games I purchased over thanksgiving break continues with Galcon Fusion. Galcon Fusion is the first RTS game I have enjoyed ever since. It came in a five dollar bundle of indie games which was on sale over Thanksgiving. (It usually retails for 9.99 on steam.)

The game is simple. The playing field is covered with planets. The object of the game is to eliminate the enemy by using your colored planets to launch attacks on their colored planets in the form of colored ships which look very similar to the ship from Asteroids. Space triangle attack a-hoy!

The game features 135 different Steam achievements (if that’s your thing,) and several different modes of single player games complete with 10 different difficulty settings. The main reason to buy this game however, is for the online play. Having a huge space triangle battle with four and five other player controlled factions on the board is a lot more fun than single player at its finest.
I’m cautious about calling this game “Real Time Strategy” because in my head that means “Starcraft and/or C&C clone”. The reality though is that this game can be picked up super quick. Compared to other RTS games, the learning curve is non-existent.

So is Galcon Fusion worth 10 post-holiday sale dollars? I would say yes. The key to enjoying this game long term is having friends who play it. I have my copy. If you end up buying it, give me a shout in the forums. 

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