Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Future of Tiger Claw Radio

I have spent the last couple of months working to revitalize my YouTube channel Tiger Claw TV. Most of the tools we had for networking back in 2008 have been crippled like video responses, clickable favorites in other peoples channels, working subscriptions, and things like that. Despite this, YouTube was where this all started for me, so there is where my effort lies.

However, I have also been working towards a consolidation of my efforts around a single space. I have recently dumped my three chiptune albums into video format to be added to my channel, and yes, there is TCR.

Doing a weekly podcast is entirely too draining and pursuing weekly shows would kill TCTV, however I am working towards bringing back TCR as a monthly program with a slightly different distribution method. YouTubenz. When I started TCR, it was much weirder to have a podcast directly on YouTube. But now, it seems much more feasible to maintain a TCR video series and have podomatic as an after thought for those who wish to grab the mp3 and here it in their car.

This is all still in progress, but I wanted to let my pals know that TCR is not dead. It will return.