Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tiger Claw Radio #83

This weeks episode kicks off with the long awaited review of "Chantelise" the new anime hack and slash game available on GamersGate.com. This week I also tackle the new Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and I respond to comments about the old Resident Evil games. Word sucka.

Chanteliste: A Tale of Two Sisters:

Download the MP3 here.

-Super Crate Box coming to iOS

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

East Coast Earthquake

A 5.8 just hit the east cost originating from southwest DC. I felt it here in Maryland while my son was eating lunch. It scared the shit out of us. However, now it's all over and most people can go back to not giving a shit about the environment. (Everyone here is okay.)

Rampant Studios (TCR #82)

Danny Goodayle from Rampent Studios returns in this episode featuring Jerry Terrifying. (This episode contains more cussing than normal.)

Download This Weeks Episode here.

GamersGate.com's Awesome Deals This Week:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tiger Claw Radio #81

This week's episode shines the spotlight on "Cthulhu Saves the World". You can buy that game from GamersGate here.

Download The MP3 here.

Grid Defender 2 (Freeware)

YoYo Games (Freeware Site)

IMDeity.com (Minecraft Server Website)