Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Ludum Dare 48-Hour Competition

Its twelve days until the 19th Ludum Dare 48 hour game making competition. Last August was the first time I really payed attention to the Ludum Dare and I must say it was an awesome experience. I had the chance to play incomplete betas watch the fruit and frustrations of real game production as well as enjoy the atmosphere of development. (And not to mention, some of the games were REALLY cool,)

I downloaded a copy of Construct which is a free, open source game development kit, and I have been tinkering around with it. I am hoping to get in on the action this time around. Though I’m sure I won’t be able to produce a game which could be a real contender, this is a great opportunity for anyone to get started in game production. If anyone else whishes to do the same, You can grab a copy of Game Maker or Construct for free, and you have twelve days to brush up on your tutorials before the competition starts.

I have created a new label for my saga of the Ludum Dare so you can follow along as I enter the wild jungle of game development from pre-competition preparations to my inevitable frustration and finally giving up on it like I do on everything. (Hopefully not.)

The competition runs from December 17th to the 20th. Wish me luck fellas.

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