Monday, December 20, 2010

Seal of Quality – Fate Patterns - Chiptune Album Review

Chiptune artist ‘Seal of Quality’ recently released a new album entitled Fate Patterns. Fate Patterns is a free release which consists of 10 songs weighing in at 23:46 long. This is a pretty dancy album with some hip hop beats mixed in with melodies which manage to be dancy without getting to dark or two run-of-the-mill. Also, some use of digitized vocals and some non-chip instruments thrown in like the synth in the final track “Thor” give the album some flesh to set it apart from pure famitracker zips. There was also some pretty nice chip-arpeggio work in the album. A good example would be “The Purest Feeling” (The eighth track.)

All in all, we have an album which is really chilled out, yet happy enough to keep listeners feeling good. Feels good man. Feels real good. You can pick up the album from the 8bc release listing here. There is also a limited release of physical CDs for the album. More info in the listing.

EDIT: 8BC has been gone for many years, but this album remains available on it's bandcamp listing. You can get it here.

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