Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The desert scene in Casino, as performed by Bert and Ernie.

Just something I wanted to share.

This was the most active month on this website ever.

     And so August 2014 comes to a close and so closes the most active month in the history of this website. Previously the title was held by October 2011 with 20 posts. That was the month that Indie Royale first debuted its first bundle. The rest of that month consisted of a weekly indie roundup series which has since been pulled down, my stint into producing my own MS Paint comic, and also poking fun at Ozark Soundscapes "I got this" video, which is still up by the way.

     Thanks so much for continuing to derp around with me despite all the nonsense that goes on here. It has been a wonderful five years.

Also TCR #126 comes out tomorrow.

Weekly Pandy

Another Pandyland random comic. Enjoy!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio is on Facebook

TCR is on Facebook now. Took me long enough. Anyway you can go check it out. Anything you feel like posting there will likely be put on the air in the failbag section.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wing Commander III - Free on Origin right now.

Despite being generally not well liked by the gaming public, EA is still attempting to get people to use it's platform 'Origin'. They have been giving out games free for people to add to their origin accounts lately. So far, some past games have been Peggle, Sims 2, and Plants vs Zombies.

Now they are giving away the epic space adventure Wing Comander III. This comes complete with cut scenes of Mark Hamill talking to giant cat puppets, and some of the finest space sim combat. Even though Origin is a derp and a half, this is a good game worthy of bothering. Grab Origin and get it while you can.

Original Shogun: Total War is $1.24 on GamersGate this Weekend!

GamersGate is having a Total War weekend sale this weekend. Most of the games for sale in that series are Steam unlocks, but I noticed this little gem and I didn't want it to get swept under the rug. The original Total War is included in the sale and it's 1.24!

Note that this version is not a Steam unlock. It's downloaded and installed directly from GamersGate and it uses the SecuROM DRM. If you are still interested, here is the link. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

TCR Short Discussion: GOG Game Removals & Changes

So has a brand new look. They have added movies for sale, and they are removing 35 games. Here is a short discussion on the topic from TCR.

Pitching 5 Nights at Freddy's Sequels

There is a thread on the 5NaF Steam forums about sequel ideas. A great deal of them consisted of X
Nights at Y's. Where X is a number and Y is an everyday male name. My idea was drastically different gameplay. I thought I would put it here for your entertainment. This is what I posted:

"You play the same character. You are now an animatronic bear monster. Players can assume the story takes place as if the player from the first game eventually lost and was stuffed into the golden bear suit.

The goal of the game is to kill the new security guard.

Multiplayer stealth. Avoid cameras/traps. The pizza place has since expanded it's...

Asalieri Discusses Zoe Quinn & Depression Quest

Asalieri isn't affiliated with this website, however I wanted to share his thoughts on Depression Quest and the hotly discussed Zoe Quinn. Maximum lolz.

If you don't know why Zoe Quinn is being discussed so much lately, here is a video from ReviewTechUSA that explains everything minus the filter of big name websites attempting to silence recent events.