Monday, July 16, 2018

Out of the Park Baseball 19 is Half Off Right Now

I don't do many deal alerts, but this is a good one. In honor of the All-Star game, Out of the Park Baseball 19 is half off right now at 19.99 down from it's normal price of 39.99. If you haven't seen it, here again is my look at OOTP Baseball 19.

Check out Out of The Park Baseball 19 on Steam

Or get the game form the OOTP Website

Death Adder Super Show #34 - Hide and Seek

I'm not sure how I missed this when it came out but I'm so glad I stopped into the Death Adder Super Show website. DASS #34 went live 6 days ago and features "Dead by Daylight" front and center and begins with a strong 1970's funk lead off track.

Catch DASS #34 by getting the MP3 off of the website here.

Update on TCR

This past weekend I was away with my son at a summer camp for Cub Scouts which made it impossible to finish TCR when I normally do. I'll be sitting down tonight to get it all squared away for release tomorrow.

I was able to get up super early and get the first half of the show done. It already runs an hour at this point. All that is left for me to do is record the failbag and we should be all set for a long show.

Thanks guys!

Nakey Jakey: Crappy Water Levels

Carefully edited essay videos on video games are becoming more and more rare on the letsplay-dominated format of youtube videos. Even rarer are essay videos that are genuinely funny and well thought out.

NakeyJakey just released a top notch video on bad underwater levels. It's worth the 7.5 minutes. Enjoy!

Check out NakeyJakey's YouTube channel here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


BitHead1000 tells stories of fireworks in the 80s. Never a dull moment.

"It's always Miss Texas.."

Check out BitHead1000's Channel

Joe Bob Briggs Answering Twitter Questions

James Rowlf posted a follow up to his interview with Joe Bob Briggs. This time out he had Joe Bob answering some twitter questions.

Also, I had no idea Joe Bob Briggs was in Casino. I have seen that movie a couple times, but I had to dig up that scene and rewatch it. I added the embed for that scene after the jump.