Monday, April 25, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #166 - Point

This is episode 166. Enjoy Chiptunes, some heart to heart from my on sight analyst, and vancast times two.

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  1. Some quick notes:

    - Panzer Studios has a nice ring to it.

    - Totally whiffed on Vengeance Week:/ I'm such a slouch. It also becomes a bit difficult when I don't own those games. Big reason why I do not do emulation is due to how crummy my laptop is, but you'll eventually mention something I have buried in a box somewhere and then I'll get right to playing it.


    - I am curious to hear what songs you like from what little I sent your way. If you have any translation questions, let me know.

    - Mean-spirited is rather annoying with games. It's another thing entirely to ribbing a friend, family member, etc.

    - I am a big fan of the SNES JRPGs. The PS1 era had some great ones, too. I feel the PS1 kind of pushed the genre to be about 10 or so hours longer than its previous generation, so it has bit the genre in the rear nowadays.

    - Lufia is a fun least the first 3 games. That Ruins of Lore game didn't do it for me and the reimagining of Lufia 2 probably killed any chances of continuing the world :(

    - Keep fightin' the good fight, CF.

  2. I know this might come out of left field but what is your opinion on Loveline?

    Asking since the show is ending this Thursday, April 28th. After 30 years on the air, the show is finally coming to a close. Adam Carolla will be co hosting the final episode.

    I was introduced to Loveline by you and Jerry so I just have to know your thoughts on this as well.

  3. Yeah we should hang some time. Thanks for the kind words bro, always good to hear. Ill reinstall Saints Row the Third so we can play. Yeah getting lost can be frustrating in FPS games. People being dicks in online games sucks but its the law of the net. I have been on a brake myself with content producing because of that mentioned rl stuff, but Ill be back with some new stuff soon.

    You say you havent played through a JRPG? If you had fun with it then thats good. RPG's take forever to beat, and they can get really repetitive. Yeah both J and W RPGs can be pretty grindy, they are in many ways the same, there are some stylistic differences and differences in character creation and plot advancement. FF 8 control takes some getting use to but I enjoy the system so far. The story and characters are pretty anime style character, but sofar it has been good. I do however agree with you FF4-7 are far superior, no questions asked. But sofar atleast its been fun.

    Question of the week:

    What is your most hated game in your steam collection and why?

    Keep up the good work man! DICKS!!! ;)

  4. The chip you played around the 28 minute mark has a real sonic feel to it. vintage approves

  5. Two van casts in one episode?????!?!?!?!?! I almost jizzed myself.