Monday, April 4, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #164 - Revenge Week

Making it happen again on Tiger Claw Radio! Join us for revenge week!


  1. Rapid firing these comments, will send an email with links for doujinshi music.

    - Yay for the new computer. You sound quite excited, CF.

    - Not seeking to play games via Linux, but good to know.

    - Not a wrestling fan whatsoever. It's really surprising to see so many people I have come to know through Youtube who like wrestling and metal music. I feel so out of the loop@_@

    - For sweet, sweet vengeance! I may try to get around to one of these games, but don't hold me to it.

    - CF shall henceforth be known as DB (Dudebro). Nothing wrong with a good FPS. Seems like the community of people have tainted the genre as much as the lack of diversity for a moderately decent stretch of time.

    - Watch Mojo ganked some footage? That's messed up, but it seems to have worked out for you.

    - You are absolutely correct. For something like free speech, we must be willing to defend those whose speech we like least. Otherwise, we'd be condoning future censorship or whatever on ourselves from other groups who may not agree with us.

    - SagaSaga is supreme. All hail the God-Emperor SagaSaga. Seriously, the dude's cranking out those high scores like nothing.

    - That sound chip of Konami's made the JPN version of Castlevania III's OST beastly. Its version of 'Aquarius' is kingly.

    - Oh, didn't know that. Razorfist certainly seems like an interesting fellow. I like his videos and his laser focus type of firebrand is suits the language he uses.

    - Ah, okay. I didn't know that about Snake's Revenge, which was why I was asking. Those examples I said definitely do not quite fit Snake's Revenge's build.

    - Perhaps, I'm a bit too cold, but that's sort of how my dad raised me. No pressure, no diamonds sort of mentality. He's mellowed a great deal since, but that's pretty much my mentality. Push, push, and push. No breaks, just go, go, go. Definitely not saying you're being some sort of bad parent or anything by letting your son wiggle through something. You're having fun and enjoying your time together. That's the important thing:D

    - Writing big comments. That's what I'm here for!

    Enjoy the Panzer. Hopefully, it is more reliable than they seemed to be, especially during the tail end of the war.

  2. I listened to the whole episode but I don't have anything interesting to say.

  3. I know the comment is super late, I had a lot on my plate broski, you know how it is.

    While you are right that I usually prefer Western RPG's, I have grown to enjoy more of the Spiky Hair Emo Quest games, especsially on the Snes. Still story wise Adventure games tend to be better and you get the same or better level of story and puzzles, with much less timeinvestment needed for sure. My anger towards the JRPG genre has changed, there is really good ones out there, but there are alot, and I mean ALOT of crappy games, or simply games where I cant get into the visual themes. That is especsially true of JRPG's of today. I do however prefer Western RPG's, but I still enjoy some really good JRPG's even when I am playing Emo Hero number 3456! I am playing Earthbound and FF8 at the moment and both have good and bad things about them. Earthbound is just most often a boring grind, with a unique and charming setting, I just wished the combat would be on the level of FF6 or something.

    I can understand that you could not get into RPG's that much as its a genre where the games take a LOOONG as time to beat.

    There is nothing wrong with liking the FPS genre. I love them too, its one of the best Action based genres out there.

    I would love to play the original Rise of the Triad (or the remake) over Multiplayer, lets make it happen.

    Those watch mojo doucheshnazzles can go fuck themselves. Im alos pro Fair Use, but I am also pro giving credit where credit is due.

    Every time I hear you say cinnamon now, I think of Flemmings horse, good times.

    Great show man!