Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CS:GO Competitive Finally Unlocked

This morning I finally unlocked competitive mode in CS:GO.

If you haven't been following, I used to play CS:GO Competitive back in 2014, but I lost access to the computer I was using. Late last year I set out to build a gaming machine slowly, one part at a time for 10 bucks a week. Including selling some of my stuff on ebay and getting a GPU for my birthday, this still took 5 months. The entire endevor was set with one goal in mind. I wanted to play CS:GO competitive again.

After many pitfalls, I got the PC up and running only to find out that Valve had instituted a policy where users need to level up over time to unlock competitive mode. The concept is to prevent high level players with lots of game experience from buying a second copy of the game solely to pick on new players. (A phenomenon referred to as "Smurfing") I finally got the game going only to be locked out of the one mode I wanted to play.

So, after playing deathmatch to level up as quickly as I could, I finally unlocked competitive this morning after putting in an additional 10 hours of gameplay since returning to action. I haven't had the chance to play a game yet. All I can say is this policy had better work to keep out smurfs.

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