Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Microsoft 3d Movie Maker (Jam Enslaver Reviews)

Jam Enslaver recently posted a review about a piece of software I have fond memories of. Here is his review followed by some discussion of the software.

I came across Microsoft 3d Movie Maker two different times in life. My friend had a demo version on an old Hewlett Packard machine which had only a small handful of the items usable, and I picked up a copy of the CD much later in life for a dollar in a bargain bin of a thrift store.

One thing that was very different from my experience and those described in this video from Jam Enslaver was
my works using this software were always nonsensical and completely inappropriate. I don't know why but I made lots of really disturbing mishmashes of garbage, and the weird thing is, I'm not talking about spending 5 minutes composing a test, I remember working at it for a couple hours at a time in some cases. I wish I still had the junk I made, but like most things from those times, they are lost to corrupt hard drives.

Anyway, many thanks to Jam Enslaver for making this video. His work is highly under-watched.

He also uploaded this raw work of his from the program which he used for his review:


  1. I used to love this, I made all sorts of movies, I remember one where a mad scientist made a killer robot. Who then proceeded to kill everyone. Ill check out those vids.

  2. Thanks for the plug! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos 😃