Sunday, August 31, 2014

This was the most active month on this website ever.

     And so August 2014 comes to a close and so closes the most active month in the history of this website. Previously the title was held by October 2011 with 20 posts. That was the month that Indie Royale first debuted its first bundle. The rest of that month consisted of a weekly indie roundup series which has since been pulled down, my stint into producing my own MS Paint comic, and also poking fun at Ozark Soundscapes "I got this" video, which is still up by the way.

     Thanks so much for continuing to derp around with me despite all the nonsense that goes on here. It has been a wonderful five years.

Also TCR #126 comes out tomorrow.

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  1. Half a decade, wow. Its been a blast, and I hope the next 5 years will be equally as awesome!