Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pitching 5 Nights at Freddy's Sequels

There is a thread on the 5NaF Steam forums about sequel ideas. A great deal of them consisted of X
Nights at Y's. Where X is a number and Y is an everyday male name. My idea was drastically different gameplay. I thought I would put it here for your entertainment. This is what I posted:

"You play the same character. You are now an animatronic bear monster. Players can assume the story takes place as if the player from the first game eventually lost and was stuffed into the golden bear suit.

The goal of the game is to kill the new security guard.

Multiplayer stealth. Avoid cameras/traps. The pizza place has since expanded it's...

...night crew to help keep the animatronics under control. (I.E. more staff to murder. Security nest office becomes final boss/goal.)"

I know this is unlikely. However, 5 Nights was designed as a short single player experience. If a similarly short multiplayer experience were developed in the same vein, perhaps that might give the "Freddy's" title a little more longevity.

Also 5NaF is so popular right now I'm sure the dev has enough capitol to make it happen. We know the dev is already working on a sequel and I'm positive it looks nothing like this. This is just how I imagine it.

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