Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sim City 4 Review

This was my user review of Sim City 4 written for While I was writing it out, I started to get a little sentimental about this one so I thought I would paste it here for your viewing pleasure. (Since no one will proboboly get around to reading the reviews at the bottom of the stack on

In the long history of Sim City, this game hit the balance of complexity and fun better than any other version. It is complex enough that players will continue to learn about the game long after purchasing, but accessible enough that anyone can

City building is coupled with vehicle based missions which allow the player to explore the city they have built by taking to the streets.

Also this game has a gigantic library of mods out that span years and years of fanaticism from hundreds and hundreds of talented content producers.

This game, and this game alone, they got EVERYTHING right. Sim City has never been this good.. and it never will again.

Thanks Carl, for buying me my first copy of this awesome game.

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