Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Video Game Marathon Emerges!!

Thursday April 14th, 2011 - High Point NC.  Popular Youtube vlogger, Dustin Vogler, plans to take on countless gaming villains in a special gaming marathon scheduled for May 14th through May 15th aired over Ustream.  This event is being staged for the benefit of Victorious Life Church (VLC) located in High Point North Carolina.

VLC in need of a new roof for their childrens area which was the original church building, purchased in the 1980's.  As VLC grew, additions were built and the old building was renovated to accomadate the children (now ranging between 70 and 75 children with more families joining this number will only grow).  Leaks in the roof have caused ceiling damage, mildew and mold in some of the walls and is beginning to be a hazzard to small children.

VLC is a pillar of the community, having collected over $12,000 worth of food which was delivered to the homeless shelters and also to battered women's shelters in the community.  $60,000 is needed for the new roof with offerings, locally, being collected on May 22nd.  Online donations are being collected through Chipin at Chipin page.

Chipin page for donations-

Ustream page-

Mr. Voglers Youtube and Twitter-!/Vognasty

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