Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Cake Fight (Browser Game Review)

Super Cake Fight is a browser game designed for the TIGSource Vs. competition. The game requires two players to play. The basic premise is that each player must eat the ingredients and spit them back out into their designated pot. Once your cupcake is complete, the next step is to knock out your opponent with the bowling ball and add them to the mix.

The game design feels a lot like Bubble Bobble despite the players Kirby like ability to swallow things. It’s not flawless. Since this is a competition game, it feels the crunch of competition deadlines. However, there are two selectable levels and good background music as well as wonderfully bizarre background art.

Super Cake Fight is a quirky, strange little browser game which embodies the things I love about the freeware market. In all its flaws, the concept is clear and enjoyable. It’s uselsess without a second player, but I keep it bookmarked for when Enji comes over. This game got next to zero press, so I feel it deserves at least this article. Check out the browser game here.

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