Monday, April 11, 2011

SEGA has Streets of Rage Remake pulled

I hope you downloaded the freeware phenomenon "Streets of Rage Remake" when it was released last week. After nearly a decade of work, the fan game was pulled very shortly after it's release after the development team was contacted by SEGA. Despite not taking a single line of code from the source material, SEGA still owns the intellectual rights to the Streets of Rage series.

The dev team hasn't released any details on the matter, and moderators of the SORR forums have locked related topics. They have asked for copies which were previously downloaded not to be re-uploaded elsewhere.


  1. It does indeed suck but it is perfectly within Sega's rights to do so. I can only hope that this is an off handed hint that they are working on a new Streets of Rage title.

  2. It is sad that Sega bothers with such minor issues like this. All the remake did was advertise Streets of Rage and keep the memory alive. This is the type of thing that burns me up about all that copyright crap. YES it is within their right but in cases like this I think it does Sega more harm then good to take these actions. - MaximumRD

  3. Maximum, you are not alone in your views. I feel the same way and so do a lot of people in higher places. I have asked the several people I know at Sega about this (from PR to sales to the legal team) and so far, none have replied. It is a shame. I would love to schedule an interview with the person that made this call. That would be interesting.