Monday, April 18, 2011

Minitroid Demo (Freeware Review)

With all the business about Streets of Rage Remake, I feel like this game (Minitroid) lost some well deserved spotlight. Minitroid is a Metroid fan game which has been in the works for quite some time now. Demo videos have been making the rounds on the indie sites for a long time and finally a playable tech-demo has been released.

I have never been too good at Metroid games, but the feeling of largeness the environment drives across has always appealed to me. Minitroid sounds great and looks greater. I’m not sure how far the tech demo allows you to play, but I was able to go until I got lost. That was enough time for me to acquire the morph ball, the bombs and two energy tanks.

My only word of warning about this game is that between bullets, rockets and jumping, there are too many actions for controls to be optimized for a keyboard. I really needed to hook up my game pad to have any fun with it. That’s not too bad though. If you like classic Metroid, give Minitroid a try and check out their website.

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