Monday, October 30, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #207 - Maximum Bits

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  1. Been playing Settlers 2 Gold while listening to this. Its a nice chillout game (I know I said that before). I meant to say, that the Master System (MS) feels like it has more colors then the NES, but I might be wrong. Altered Beast was definetly a Demo game, as it showed that the Mega Drive could do near perfect Arcade ports. The other ports of the game are pretty bad, and weirdly altough the Arcade port is better then the Genesis port, I prefer the Genesis one. It was a good pack in game (before Sonic became it) as it showed, what the system was capable of, and it had no trouble doing gorier games then the NES. I have been lucky and got a boxed copy for 5 bucks, if it is anymore then that, that would be robbery, as it should be common, as it was the pack in game. I hate how sharks and the retro collecting craze have jacked up the prices, as there are still quite a few games I would love to own again, or own for the first time. Still I think the bubble will eventually burst, and hopefully the prices will go down. With MS I meant (Master System) and, I just always felt that the Master System could do more colors then the NES, but I may be wrong. Im happy you are still getting some neat games, and enjoy playing them. Yeah 45 minutes are not much in Phantasy Star, and you will find the first person dungeons soon. I would recommend to playing it with a guide, I think you will enjoy the game more then. I have enjoyed it alot myself. I have played ome Turbo Grapix roms, and there are some sweet games out there. It is right now too pricey for me to buy physical copies at the moment. I gotta watch more Shmuptober, Ill do that after I finish writing this.

    Question of the Beast:
    Since some of the bigger Youtube Gaming channels have games based on them, how would the Tiger Claw game be like? Like Genre, setting, system etc.