Monday, October 2, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #203 - Gooodbye September!



  2. Glad I could help broski. Get well soon! Ill try out the Ancient Aliens and the other wads and tell you what I think.

    I really need to sink my teeth into River City Ransom, and the other Kunio-kun games.

    That paper dolls song was cool. Had a slight Amiga/C64 vibe to it, I dug it.

    Question of the Beast:
    You mentioned the Atari Box, and said it would most likely fail. I agree, but my question is this: If it does support modern games, do you think we may get more new consoles out? Like a new one from Sega or some other company? I personally think that it is too expansive and risky. I kind of enjoyed that there were a vareity of consoles back in the day, even if they were not that good. There was more competition. Now it is just the big 3 left, and the occasional smaller project like Ouja. I sometimes wish what if we had more varietly. Then again Im pretty much a PC GAYMOR FOLIVE!!! So yeah, just made me think.

    Second question if you were tasked to design a gaming console by a big company, how would you do it?

  3. This is a comment to you.
    To say how do you do?
    Would you care for a rhyme?
    And would it be a crime?
    To ask this upon you
    Can I be on monster cast two?