Monday, October 16, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #205 - SMS and Repros

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  1. Bit Head 1000 is pretty funny for sure. He really embodies the golden age of gaming vids in many ways.

    I liked your friends Halo story, seemed like good times. Yeah it is better in many ways to be pretty straight edge, I really just drink from time to time, anyway thanks for sharing.

    Also Coke is your drink in the Mondo-Round verse (thank you Deathadder for reminding me of that term) that and coffee. Swig for the working man!

    I may get into repro carts one day, so far Ill stick with emulation and the few systems I have. However Everdrives seem like a cool idea, since you get to play the games on the hardware, even if they have a high price (Ill never pay for example for Earthbound, since its way to expensive, but I enjoyed playing it).

    It is cool you got some enjoyment out of your Master System (even if your son didnt), gotta check out Bonanza Bros myself. I have known about it, but I do not remember playing it.

    Contra Hardcorps is pretty cool. It is basically like Contra 3 for Snes, but the characters that you can play have different weapons. It is still very hard tough, go figure right?

    I gotta agree with you, using the Moga controller for my Smartphone, is pretty much my handheld. It got me through the clinic for sure, and it looks pretty cool. So I dont feel the need to get a handheld from Nindendo or Sony.

    Question of the Beast:
    If you would make your own Arcade, what games would you have there? (not just gaming arcades, can also be pinball etc.). And what would the name/theme be?

    Keep on truckin!