Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #145 - Back From Vacation

Returning from vacation, here is a roundup of what has happened in the subsequent two weeks.

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    1. When you said that games announced on E3 that wouldnt live up to the hype, I remembered something. Back in the 90s I had a gaming, and it had a huge list of upcoming games announced for the future. I remember seeing Die by the Sword on the list (which I got later), but there was this game called "Guardians: Agents of Justice". It was supposed to be a superhero themed Xcom style game. Sadly because of the bankrupcy of Microprose and merger with Hasbro, the game got cancelled, and only some screenshots survived. From the looks of it, it had a chance to be really cool. It was going to have all kinds of different typicial Superheroes an even some cameo character (I think they mentioned Quake Guy, weird choice I know). I would of probably loved it. There was some other games that never made it. I am not sure what is worse having a potentially cool game never be released, or having a potentially good game be a disappointment. What do you think? Anyway great episode man, and it was good to hear from Hemwrac again!