Monday, July 6, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #146 - The Struggle

TCR #146 is up. -  -  Monday morning is a tough time for everybody. This one is all about the struggle. Video games, good memories, authentic blues music, and that little something that pushes us to get through it anyway.

I didn't have time to make the usual post with the embed in it, but you can catch it by following that link over to the Podomatic page. Thanks for listening. Have a good week.



  1. Hey CF, the GamingBeast82 challenged me to a tag video about RPG games, mainly tabletop. Considering how much you love the art of babbling in character, but aren't indoctrinated by the crap found online, I wanted to to hear your thoughts on these questions.

    The Questions:
    1:What do you call player agency?
    2:What does railroading mean to you, if you do apply it(if not can you say why)?
    3:How does it feel like for you when you have had a bad session?
    4:How do you handle bad players, what are some ways you would describe behavoir of a bad player in your view.
    5:Whats a good player in your opinion, what are some of the things good players do?
    6:How do you handle splitting up a group, if you do(if not can you say why)?
    7:What do you prefer more - Interaction/Roleplay, Combat, Puzzles/Traps Or A Mix?(Stolen from the player tag video)
    8:Do you tinker with the rule set you use or use it as it is written and would you please explain why?
    9:Do you mind running npc's with a group of player characters?.
    10:Thoughts on campaigns and one shots, do you prefer one more over the other or fine with either?(Stolen from the player tag video)
    11:How much fantasy vs. realism do you apply in most of your games?.
    12:Do you prefer running modules, hacking modules or running your own story?.
    13:What gaming system has gotten you the best results, tell us about it?
    14:What method has gotten you the best results, tell us about it?
    15:What got you into running these kinda games?

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  3. Hey CF, did you ever Kickstart a game? Asking since the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter ended as being the 6th most funded project on Kickstarter. Also, what is your opinion on the Shenmue games?

  4. I understand that feeling man. I have been in that struggle, which is a reason I have trouble making content regularly. I really appreciate you making these podcasts, they are a blast to listen too. As you know my bro is a pianist who specialises in Jazz, Blues, Boogie Wooge etc. I wouldnt call myself a loremaster of the subject but "Boom Boom" from John Lee Hooker always struck a chord in me. Blues in general nowdays. Its a type of music that always speaks to people. I agree its one of the few American elements that is ingrained in the culture. I enjoyed the choice of music. Sucks that the files got corrupted. I remember you talking about your son watching you play games, and how you watched your brother. I remember watching my bro, essentially the first Letsplay in a sense. He is 4 and half years older then me, so he usually got farther then me in games especsially hard ones like Zelda 2, or the Mega Man games. I remember watching him play through Empire Strikes Back on the nes. Him getting a new force power or getting to a new level, or hearing the bad voice sampling like "Luke!" was a real treat. Some people bash on this game, and I know it hasnt aged that well, but for me there are a alot of memories attached to it. I also remember talking the NES to my cousins in Hungary then either playing the NES or the C64 in the evenings. Us younger kids would often watch the older kids play games like "TMNT 2: the Arcade Game", "Castlevania 3" or Zelda 2 for the nes, or watch them play "The Last Ninja", one of the Dizzy games or Street Rod. Once we got a chance to play it was all the cooler. It was a great time to grow up on since, we usually played outside all day then played vidya games in the evening. Its cool you are continuing the tradition. Really enjoyed this episode. Also I am curious to see your answer to Swingles tag from my vid. Anyway keep on rollin bro!