Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TCR Update + E3 Comments + Steam Summer Sale

Discussing TCR's return on July 1st and the subsiquent two major events taking place during my time off. E3, and the Steam Summer Sale.

Get the mp3 here.

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  1. Ive been playing some Shmups myself like "Supercharged Robot VULKAISER" which is a pretty cool Shmup themed after shows like Voltron. Even tough the robot is a bit big for a Shmup vehicle, the show you clearly the hit box which is the body of the robot. So its actually smaller. Fun game. Im happy Doom is getting back to their roots, altough I was exited when it was a remake of Doom 2. So I guess we get another Doom 1 remake, I really hope its more like the classic games mayhem. I agree more colors would be cool. Id love to see the bright red Cacodeamons with blue blood, and pink "Pinkie" Demons in 3D. I also want to thank you for recommending the chips challenge series. Ive been playing the first game, and it reminds me of an old Windows game "Laser Kombat" ( which I played the crap out of the shareware version and made even levels back in the day (apperantly this game is a spiritual sequel to Laser Tank. PC gaming history is vast). Also the game has alot of elements of Shokoban, only adding more puzzle elements. I dont care for E3 since a long time, but Fallout 4 looks cool, even tough I still need to finish 1 and 2 and finally start 3.