Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #134 - Bite Sized

This week: games that were cheap but ended up being great!

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  1. Hey CF, it's me Alex Swingle. Purposely requesting your friends to not email the program? Heart breaking. Getting the failbag to inspire some great responses from you? Priceless. Nah, I didn't really ask your buds to not write in, but I wanted the failbag hard, like in my pants hard. Here comes my long list of replies I've been meaning to give ya.

    #1: I was thinking Dead Or Alive 3 for the Xbox when we discussed that on your glorious return. When that game came out and during advertisements, I never heard them say 3 nor did I actually play the game. The hype whitewashed the memory of the earlier games in the series for me.

    #2: It sounded a bit hypocritical when you questioned why people should respect the opinion of ESPN's CEO saying electronic sports isn't a real sport. Main reason I say that is we would have to respect your opinion/advice to not respect someone else's opinion. It's a daisy chain of not validating each other instead of mocking the whole thing with the old joke, "If chess and ice skating is a sport, so is farting and electronic sports). Other than that, you were spot on to me about your take on it.

    #3 I saw the Splatterhouse trailer and I was sad it wasn't fully funded. My problem with it was the price tiers. If the movie was going to be free after funding, I would throw money willy nilly. Having a $10 minimum for digital download and not being a horror movie fan made it difficult to recommend. I buy almost exclusively bundles for digital content and almost only shop at thrift stores. I don't need it that badly, but I could tell the director was talented at making the right amount of cheese. I hope he does something else for future projects.

    #4: I was amazed how little RetroKaiser interrupted you with burps or mega tangents that aren't really important to the conversation for #132. That sounded mean after reflecting on typing it. When Kaiser is not trolling, he is at his A game and it showed in 132.

    #5: For me, the BattleTanks map/mod for Warcraft 3 is a great chill-ax game to play. It has bots enabled and they aren't dumb. The reason it is so chilling is the way you attack other players is by being in a certain range based on weapon. It isn't about critical timing with your abilities, but careful planning as the cannons randomly hit a target that is in the range of your weapons if multiple targets are there. I could just zone out and relax easy. Though if you truly wanted sleep fast, take two 400mg capsules of magnesium. You'll be having raunchy farts, but you will get hella tired.

    #6: Glad you enjoyed that copy of Rogue Shooter I sent ya. BY DA POWER OF BUNDLES, HOOOOOOOOOOOO! Like my un-educational review of the game I did for 7th 'The Next Round podcast', it does have some flaws like needing to complete 100 levels to get a lame ending, sound not feeling impressive, and minor annoyances with the repair system they decided to use when equipment doesn't matter much at higher levels. I still enjoyed the 5 hours I played of it.

    #7: When you mentioned Tropico for chill games, the memory that holds strongest with that game is the first title in the series where the narrator would say if you are doing great in the public eye. "El Presidente, the people love you!" Since I don't have the audio to mimic why it was great, it has less impact but it did inspire me to ask; What are some of your favorite video game phrases?

    #8: Dicks. Stay classy Coconut Fiddler and I greatly enjoy the podcast.

  2. Dragonsphere is on Steam and it isn't free? That my friend is the BIGGEST BULLSHIT OF THE HISTORY OF THE BULLSHIT MULTIVERSE!!! Seriously, Dragonsphere has been legally freeware for years, even before GOG. If Steam pulls this shit and Dragonsphere gets removed from GOG, Steam might just loose more customers to GOG. I played through Dragonsphere and it is an awesome Fantasy themed point and click Adventure game. They shouldnt have the right to make a Freeware game a paygame again. Id be fine if its like a remake of the game, with better graphics, sound and stuff (Achievments, tradingcards, and maybe longer gameplay), I could understand it, but it is the same game. Steam needs to make it free, or remove it from their library. Sadly I dont see either happening, but who knows. Shadow Warrior became free. I really hope the GOG version doesn't get removed, and that it stays free. Anyway rant over moving on... ;)

    The dev of Paranautical Activity was a mayor idiot. He basicly bit the hand who feeds him. He deserves his game being banned for ever by Gaben. Its going to be a collectors item now. Sweet Heidecker and Wood! Great Job! Btw Rob Patylo is Robby Roadsteamer again and is reforming the Sweatpants boners again! Heart of a Rhino! By the way the failbag audio is missing. EYE is a game I need to check out since I did got it myself a while back. Nimblequest looks like fun. The idea of having Snake with Fantasy heroes sounds cool. Dungeons of Dreadmore is really cool, espescially the character creation and the humor of it. Its one of my favorite true Rougelikes out there. The books in the Elder Scrolls are fun and add alot of flavor to the game. They had that feature since the first game, and some other RPG games have it too. I remember reading books in the middle of a spooky Dungeon. The idea alone was fun to think about.

    Here is question of the week: What video-game or video game series would make a good pen and paper roleplaying game?

    PS: Great epsiode as usual, and get well soon man! Thanks for making this great show all these years!