Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Pink Guy Album Review (Free Music Discussion)

The Pink Guy album is the musical brain child of Japanese-Australian YouTuber/Rapper most people know as Filthy Frank. Frank, who has been identified by one YouTuber as “George Miller”, relies on a large cast of characters, all portrayed by Frank/George. Normally several characters played by the same person on YouTube will come across as somewhat sad or lame. (Most people rely on this when there simply isn’t anyone else willing to appear on the internet with them.) Frank however, pulls it off with great madness and sometimes brilliance.

This album is a 38 song anthology of every musical gag that has appeared on the Filthy Frank show up until its release. The lyrics are clever and the hooks are mostly pretty catchy although I wouldn’t want to be caught in public humming “peanut butter on my balls, let the dog lick it.” The styles also vary between ukulele driven pop singing and hip hop. 

On the down side, some of the
less musical gags included on the album tend to wear pretty thin. These days I have omitted the songs “Birth of a b0ss” and “Gay Mickey” because they are simply Frank/George laughing and saying nonsense for a few seconds. They are a nice addition at first because makes the album feel like it must have been fun to make. However, I only really needed to hear them once. This is admittedly small complaint on an otherwise great album.

Frank/George also includes a cover of the NWA classic “Fuck the Police” in his pop-ukulele style. While I thoroughly enjoyed what he did musically, he made the decision to self-censor the song’s use of the N word. While I appreciate Frank/Georges was trying to do, I feel like if that word is a problem, why sing that song? Hearing the loud beep tone reminded me of everything I used to hate about listening to FM radio.

The Pink Guy album has been released for free and can be downloaded, or listened to in its entirety on YouTube. In its release announcement, Frank/George described a second album of his more serious musical side on the way. Download links are available in the description of the YouTube post here.

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