Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #130 - Morning Recording

The cure for the yellow SNES, the Splatterhouse movie, the huge changes on the Steam mainpage. All in this weeks episode featuring Alex Swingle from thenextround.net and the music of Pink Guy.

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.

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  1. "Im gonna do a light Darabka...", nice one from Swingle lol. It sucks that they throw out all of that stuff. Can't they just give it away? I remember they had stuff at certain thrift stores that was outside that anybody could take. When NEO Scavanger came out I got obsessed and put in over 30 hours of gameplay in it, then got bored and somewhat frustrated. User made levels=Lots of dong shaped levels. That Rog Trailer was hilarious, I checked out other videos he did and we can save JAPAN! A Splatterhouse movie could be fun, I just hope it doesnt fail like many other video game movies, but one can hope since it is a fan project. Those tend to stick closer to the source material even when they dont look that polished. Fanmovies vary in quality but some are really cool like "Batman Dead End" (should be on YT). It really should a Horror/Action movie, with tons of gore and creepy monsters, just like the game. I also hear a Assassins Creed movie is being made with Michael Fassbinder in the lead role. I dont really care for that as I didnt like the game much myself. Personally Id like to see a Half Life, Duke Nukem or even Shadow Warrior movie, but I dont think any of those will happen. What games would you like to see being made into movies? Either way I liked the episode, I think you and Swingle did a good job together.