Monday, September 15, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #128 - Corruption

Journalistic Corruption, Mojang up for sale, will Minecraft ever be the same? Find out this week on TCR #128. This week celebrates one month back on the air. The podomatic stats show a few people popping in to listen every day. Thanks so much for being a part of the show! Feels good man.

Download the episode from the podomatic page.


  1. Tell Kaiser that he can enjoy a cornucopia of dongs, lol. The Gamersgate/Quinnspiracy debacle showed how corrupt gaming news has become. It saddens me and limits it even more what I will read. Congratz again on 1000 games, as we all know Kaiser is a master troll. We need to celebrate almost 6 years of TCR somehow one day. I hope Minecraft wont become Microtransactioncraft or GAYmesforwindowscrap (I mean craft), but I can understand Notch taking the money and running. Big fish swallows little fish, that is capitalism for you. That game making game sounds good. The monthly freeware game thing sounds good, feels like early TCR. We need to do a DOOM night again, would be fun. The game changing song for me was probably Highwell to Hell from ACDC. Thanks for the comic recommendation, I have it bookmarked. Apparently GOG released a Shadowgate remake, you got any thoguhts on that?(
    I hope you and your family will get through these tough times. I also hope you continue making TCR.