Monday, September 1, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #126 - 5 Nights at Steam games

This week on Tiger Claw Radio, 5 Nights at Freddy's, my time on the Retro Rejects, Beggar Prince, and more!

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  1. Im happy for a classic solo episode, that is almost an hour, it has been a blast. Ive enjoyed Pandyland, I got some pretty hilarious combinations. 5 nights at Freddy's is pretty sweet and scary, altough I do agree it relies heavily on jump scares. I don't even wanna mention Amnesia the dark (dork?) descent, but I find that game can be continually scary by creating a really creepy atmoshpere and not reliying on jump scares or gore. Ive still got PTSD from Iron Roses, Kaiser can go fuck himself :). "Beer and Pretzels" means that it more simplier I think, more casual. On the topic of Final Fantasy 3: I recently played through Final Fantasy 5. I had the same problem you had a couple of times. I could pass the enemies with a little research and some grinding. When I came to the last boss I hit a wall. I could beat his second form with no problem, but that is when I realized that I just didnt have enough items, HP and Mana. I recommend that you check online for a strategy and definetly do some grinding. I found an area in FF5 where I used tape and stuck down the A and Up button then sped up the emulator and grinded from level 60 to 99, I was THAT pissed at that last boss. Not only did I beat the boss, I also beat the much tougher "optional superbosses" (seriously that should be the name for a insane burger somewhere) "Omega" and "Shinryu". Strategy does matter, but in Final Fantasy grinding will solve your problems (like most but not all virtual rpg's) most of the time. I still need to read that article, might help me get better at the game. Im really happy you got a Steam article that is that popular. Im exited for your symposium (sounds like a cool title "My symposium for TTT"). I know we talked about this, but how hard would it be to make something like the Beastbar? I might try it myself, since I have been on a game design kick again, and maybe trying something 3D out would be fun. Garrys mod might be right place to start, what do you think? I remember you mentioned the Myst boardgame, I would love to see you talk about it one day. Glad I could help man, and Im happy to see the podcast return again in its full glory.

  2. Love these solo episodes. Sorry it took so long to get you on Retro Rejects!