Monday, October 22, 2018

Monstercast II is here!

It's an 8+ hour podcast monster marathon! Can you survive? Streamable on youtube, or you can download the mp3 from the archive. Enjoy the monstercast!

Get the mp3 here.

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  1. (I've only knocked out half of the Monster Cast so far, I've been enjoying it and plan on finishing it, but here are some comments from the first half of the show)



    I’m glad you didn’t edit out Jerry’s potty mouth, then again I couldn’t imagine the man hours that would have taken. With Mecha Menance’s show notes and Jerry’s never dying furnace of rage, I think a new Mondo Cool Cast would be super easy to make, just sayin.


    I still need to check out Swingle’s Power Ranger hentai site, but I haven’t since I am a terrible internet friend. Swingle praising Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine triggered me.

    “If you have man shaped objects around your waist, you have to pick Contra” -Alex Swingle

    Metal Jesus is an ass hat.


    Oh wow I had forgotten all about Vidme, how dare we ever strayed from our YouTube overlords. You describing Kaiser walking away from the camera was hilarious.


    LMAO yeah the only reason I ever watched ASMR was because my “man shaped objects” clicked the video, rule number one for ASMR is to be hot af.