Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Free Album Review: New Retro Wave - Maximum Burn

This compilation of synthwave 80's nostalgia tunes,  themed around 80's work out tapes, has been a fixture in my car for the last couple of weeks and was featured in the last episode of Tiger Claw Radio.

Spotlight tracks include the lead off track, Lifeline from Forêt de Vin. I typically don't like it when vocals show up on synthwave tracks, but somehow, this one does it right. Also check out Adrenaline from Dream Fiend. This one was a familiar track having been included in the game 'Super Indie Carts'.

This is a solid album and checks all the boxes of a must download.

Download includes:
8 Tracks (32 Minutes) + Cover Art
65.8 MB (Unzipped)

Download the album from the bandcamp page here.

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