Tuesday, May 15, 2018

New Chiptune Compilation from DESKPOP - DESKPOP VR

After being introduced to DESKPOP from their collaboration with CHIPTUNES = WIN, there is a brand new compilation out with 11 tracks which dropped today for your enjoyment.

The text on the bandcamp site explains that the goal is to put music to a conceived visual which in this case, is based on VR. The end result is a chip album which, sounds a bit more dance/hip hop related than I'm used to listening to, but it had some great tracks. 

Some stand outs are Drain Puppet's "BRIDGE TO SPACE" which clocks in at a hearty 7:05, and Ricco Harver's - MACAW JAMZ (featuring r u s s e l b u c k) which is much shorter, but is easily the peppyest track in the group.

It's pay what you want so check out DESKPOP VR on Bandcamp and get a copy.

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