Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mod Spotlight: Quake DM4 Jam

DM4, The Bad Place, is one of the more recognizable multiplayer death match arenas, right up there with Deck-16 from Unreal Tournament. The DM4 jam is a single player expansion with 23 maps based off of the design concepts of Quake's old DM4 level.

Of the DM4 maps I have played, I have found them much more approachable than the crushing difficulty of Arcane Dimensions.

Of the levels included, some of my favorites are the "Deimos Revisited" By Shades which is a complete rebuilding of E2M1 from the original Doom, and "Badly Placated" by ww. Although to be fair, this map pack is huge and I haven't played it all yet.

Download the expansion here.

Some gameplay videos are listed after the page break.
Deimos Revisited played on Nightmare difficulty:

The Bad House Played on Nightmare Difficulty:

A Pact Beheld played on Nightmare Difficulty:

Special thanks to Kills Alone for uploading these fine gameplay videos.

Check out his awesome channel.

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