Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Little Source Port Goes a Long Way

I spent the last couple mornings before work playing Wolfenstein 3d. Not the new modern games, but the old DOS game that predates DOOM. One of the interesting things about Wolfenstien is that it's just as much a game about navigating confusing maze levels as it is actually shooting things.

I came across a source port called ECWolf that I was able to install into my Steam directory and rename the executable file thus tricking Steam into running it instead of the old fashioned version. This allows me to enjoy the source port experience while still having Steam count my hours.

So what does the source port provide? WASD controls for one thing. I know that prior to Quake and Unreal, mouse and keyboard were not the prevalent choice for FPS controls, but now I find it impossible to go back to how it was before that.

Click here to download a copy of ECWolf

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