Monday, November 17, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #137 - Sickness and Overwatch

The Overwatch trailer, Flight stick games, Buyers remorse general. All this and more on this week's Tiger Claw Radio! This week featuring Darabka sitting in for a brief segment to tell us about Blizzards first new franchise in 25 years.


  1. Alex Swingle: (just clarifying since my Blog ID is Roy Kingston)
    1. How dare you put Zombie Shooter 1 and 2 in your crap section. I completed both of the single player campaigns and was only cheesed off once when the game had a looping bug where you couldn't finish a level if you skipped a room by accident. The combat music was totally Action Hero Fighter material.

    2. I played Cubemen finally and man is that game difficult. I enjoy it on the android tablet side but already at level 3 is gets tricky where you have to place units and send other units to their doom as meat shields or else you are hosed.

    3. Although I tease many people about their use of immersion when describing something, I don't mind the concept of it. My problem with it is from people using it as a buzz word to hype a product when the majority of the time a game doesn't really forget where you are and trick you into thinking you are in the game, living that moment. Plus the context isn't even accurate thanks to understanding the origin(tm) of the word meaning to dip (often into water). The concept of the psyche wasn't a thing when the word was created and was use for things like coating something in oil, water, .etc.

    That should clear it up. Getting a flight stick allows you to simulate piloting a space craft more accurately compared to our current methods of piloting. That isn't immersion, it's simulation with the capability to engross someone into the hypothetical situation of piloting a ship while engaging foes with projectiles intended to harm. P.S. Note how I misused engross to represent fixation on the moving pictures known as video games. It's humorous because of my previous diction as to why immersion isn't being used sincerely to represent what is meant. Ha ha, Swingle, you so funny. Now C.F., say it like it was an honest response after finishing the letter. No, seriously. hugs and kisses, Alex.