Monday, November 10, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #136 - Back at the Desk


This week on TCR, Steam's newest wave of classic PC releases. Plus the return of the 'On The Desk' bit. The NES Edition!


  1. I got Faxanadu is cool. I remember it being one of the games in the supermarkets (SMB 2 was the other) when the NES was heavily marketed. I got the cartridge when I got the Retron 3 In college and It was one the games I was always playing. I got really far, using some internet help but otherwise played it legit. Its very much like Zelda 2 or Battle for Olympus, sidescrolling action adventure. I can help you out if out need help. Great Episode btw, Im happy "On the Desk" is back.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout man. Yeah I hope I will get up too 400. Im at 343 so it is getting there. 1000 is the new big goal. I sould really review the Crusader games there are fun. Also the Silencer (the red dude) deserves it since he so graciously joins the Bonusround Bar aka the Beastbar pretty much everytime I need a quick cartoon. Its been over 3 years for me. 6 years for TCR? How time flies. I remember seeing your Reviews way back in the day. Those were good times. How time flies. The perfect game for me would most likely be Majesty. Wouldnt change anything about it, even with its little quirks.