Thursday, June 6, 2013

TCR #119 - Custom Dinosaur Syndrome

A new episode of Tiger Claw Radio! This episode I talk about vacation video games, my experience at the arcade, Shadow Warrior, Wizardry 6-8, and other stuff.


  1. Good Podcast as usual. Metal Slug is a great game series, cool that you got to play that. Deathtrap Dungeon looks cool, but the controls and camera are somewhat clunky. As a fan of the "Fighting Fantasy" Gamebooks (simular to choose your own adventure only with simple rpg mechanics and dice roller) I always wanted to play it. I hear to play with the chick is easier, Ill try it see how far I get. I do remember your Review on it and you werent as forging. Shows just how things change. I changed my opinions more then once over the years, just like everybody else. Ill give it a go again might be fun. I do like the creative traps in the game, might be a game that should be remade. Anyway until next time man, and thanks for the shoutouts! FOR DOOM!

  2. It feels good to be all caught up on TCR. I really enjoyed all the Shadow Warrior talk. I played the crap out of this in college and paid full price for it on GOG as soon as it came out. I think it was $8.99 and then quickly went down to $5 and then $3. Thanks for the heads up that it is free on Steam. I will have to grab that and tell my listeners about it, giving you a proper hat-tip of course.

    By the way, what's it going to take for Retro Rejects to get listed under "Other Kung-Fu Masters" on Do we have to have you on as a guest. This is in the works.