Sunday, June 9, 2013

Samurai Jazz review (BlazeEpic)

So I finally bought a game from Desura that didn't come from a bundle or from I must say, samurai_jazz is a neat game for three bucks, but it's unfortunetly getting overshadowed for me since I bought it the same morning as Wizardry 6 & 7 off of I have been waiting a couple weeks to play those games.

So what do I think of samurai_jazz so far? Like I said, it's pretty neat. The tone seems very much akin to the Gameboy Color days. (I think the dev may have mentioned that this was something he was going for. I Don't remember.) The gameplay is a bit simplistic. There is really only one attack and a block. There also seems to be no real penalty for death. The player just restarts in the room left off. Difficulty is maintained by pitting the player against stacked odds and forcing redos until the player gets it right. 

The real charm comes in the exploration. The scenery is really well drawn. The sprite work, particularly the heroes walk cycle, is also really nice looking. Overall I like it so far. I'm still playing through it. My only real complaint is the name "samurai_jazz" is how it appears in my library. It would have been nice to have properly spaced and capitolized letters. I guess that's nitpicking though. 

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  1. Good Review might try it out! Also just bear with me for another moment: Is it a random bear or is rated one bear? ;)