Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kolteka Sprite Testing

That's right ladies and gentleman. Kolteka Episode 1 on RPG Maker VX Ace. I did some testing a while back and even went as far as to redraw some of the maps from the old RPG Maker 2k version of Kolteka, (That is, my Rm2k reboot,) but unfortunetly, when my son found out you could draw castles, he scribbled all over the maps with random tiles and destroyed all my work.


Anyway, late tonight some guys were playing my last RPG Maker game, and joking around. It got me to work on this a bit. Here is a look at how the pack in sprites fit with the characters.

One of the big challenges will be rebuilding Janus's homeland "Intechnia". Intechnia has always used a future/cyberpunk tile set. In fact, the whole city was originaly born from Enji's interest in rebuilding existing towns as future versions. Unfortunetly in RPG Maker VX Ace, the future resources are DLC. I can't honestly pay 20 bucks for that stuff at the point. I think it's much more feasable to do a little rewriting. 

Apart from building Janus's world, I also need to figure out how to import music into projects in VX Ace. The last version of Kolteka used only MIDI's from VGMusic.net. Music selection was a lengthy and very methodical process. As it stands right now, the testing I am doing with the new Episode 1 is using only stock music.

This new version will be different. I am just happy to be writing for these old beloved characters again.

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