Thursday, January 17, 2013

New RPG Maker Game (Freeware)

In order to get used to RPG Maker VX Ace I made a joke game entitled "Collect the Dicks". I assure you that this is a real game which is fully playable. Collect the Dicks is a 10 minute adventure game which was originally posted in beta form on the TC-Pub forums and later denied submission to the RPG Maker hub website, and I'm not making this up, because of: "No Thanks". (No really, thats what they said.)

So anyway, as I'm taking steps into reviving my older, more well recived RPG maker project "Kolteka", (which was originally written by Enjibearatsu), here is a funnly little joke game I made along the way. Enjoy "Collect the Dicks".

Download link after the jump.
Download Collect.rar here.


  1. Fucking Sweet, cant wait to play it!

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