Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiger Claw Radio #112 - Radical Cyborg College

This short edition of TCR featurs and 11 minute vancast, the music of John Cephus and Phil Wiggans, and other junk. I'm taking next week off for thanksgiving yalls. Enjoy and have fun!

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Download Episode 112 here.


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  2. another great podcast. hearing you talk about the blackwell series of games got me thinking about the state of point and click adventure adventure games now. I love the blackwell games and feel there very well made old fashion P&P adventure games that get it right on every level. but the other two Games that Wadjet Eye games helped to make or just publish (gemini Rue & Resonance)felt unbalance. with those games they tried to do there own thing by putting there spin on a p&p game and it just made them 2 games feel tedious to play. I feel a P&P adventure game should focus on balancing the gameplay between story and interaction, too much of one and not enough of the other in what order that is and the game doesn't work. there are a lot of indie p&p adventure games coming out now and some are great, but there is a lot of new or new ish p&p adventure games out there have that have this balance problem I just mention.

    what is you opinion on modern point and click adventure games? Also is it just me do you think that modern p&p adventure game are having trouble balancing the interaction with story in an attempt to try something different to make there game stand out?

    Again awesome podcast keep it up

    p.s I hope you didn't mind me using p&p as a short form for point and click as i didn't want to keep writing point and click lol

  3. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Picked up some more Steam games, on sale this time. I got Walking Dead, Quake 1, Portal 2 and Half Life 1. Can't find this "blotter" you speak of but did notice you commented on my purchases. Let me know when you want to play Quake and I will try to be there. After 9 PM is the best time for me.

    Doom 2 Invasion Mode sounds like a lot of fun. What is Zandronum? Is that something I have to download in order to play?

    Also thank you to Hemrawc for being my second Steam friend.