Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tiger Claw Radio #111 - Gothic Karaoke Uprising

X-Box 360, Atari high score challenge - with myself, Pac Man Jr, another vancast and more. All that on this weeks episode of Tiger Claw TV, featuring the music of George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

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  1. another great podcast

    im the same i make my vid's and podcast for friends and to just have fun. if my intention was to get famous and make lots of money i would not be doing what i am doing or at least not spent as much time as i do on my review's. but hey i enjoy making them and lol im a perfectionist so i would prefer to spend some time to make a review im happy with then just pump out content for the sake of it. i think it's got to have at least some kind of back up incase something happens to you tube and what better back up then the next round, as there is no drama there and it's just 3 like minded dude's having fun.

    im over the moon the gamingbeast's castlevania port comparison vid got some more attention and has gone past 600 hits

    again great podcast

  2. Great Podcast as usual. Holy crap 111 Podcasts! Congratz man. Castle Doctrine, looks and sounds cool. As much I dislike Griefing, a game based around that sounds like a fun idea. I only used Desura to activated games I got from Bundles that didnt have a Steam version. I played some of Unepic on it and its not bad. Also want to play "the Shivah" Adventure Game from the maker of the Blackwell games, since that has a Desura version but no Steam one. I usually go with Steam for the Timetracking factor, but with Raptor you can do it now with many non Steam games. Desura and Gamersgate are more of my last choice when it comes to downloadable games. Gametap and Gamefly (formerly known as Direct2Drive) are one of the worst providers fothere kind. Gametap used to have 100 games free that rotated with many of the arcade games that had online multiplayer. I plaeyed Gametap before I even knew really about steam and before GOG existed. It was actually pretty cool. But ever since Metaboli took over they ruined every potential Gametap had. They removed the free games completely and now it just sucks.

    You talked about Towns and Gnomoria. Dont anything about Gnomoria but my cousin got Towns from Steam recently since he likes Strategy games like Settlers, Majesty2 and Rise of Nations and loves Minecraft, he was thinking, "this looks like Settlers meets Minecraft" and he got it.
    The game is still in Beta and is a very rough still, but it does have potential. My cousin had the most trouble keeping his Settlers alive (or even happy). You send them out ot get resoures and 4 die from the monsters that roam around (Including a Treeguardian, a living tree enemy, which looks exactly like a normal tree exept it moves sometimes and attacks you, pretty lame they couldnt give a sepperate sprite) and the tutorial also just helps a little. The Music sucks and there isnt really any animation for when the settlers do anything, when they attack an enemy they just kinda hump/ram it which looks hilarious. Still the game has alot of potential but needs LOTS of work and finetuning before its gonna be a full game.

    I wanna get into King of Fighters myself but, I played it on Mame and played with the characters in Mugen, but I cant say Im any good. I think we played it over Kaliera right?

    Anyway keep up the good work man, Gamingbeast out!

  3. I use Adblocker and have no problem with other people using it, however, I still have ads on my videos in case there are people out there who are dumb enough to a) not use Adblocker and b) watch and click on Internet ads.

    Thanks for ruining my morning by saying how stupid I am for buying four $5 games at full price. And why are you Steam-stalking me anyway?

    Thanks for the invite to play Doom II. Is that co-op or deathmatch play?