Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flotilla - Blendo Games - Indie Spotlight

     Flotilla is a turn based, space combat game. Combat operates a little bit like Frozen Synapse in space. Players lay in waypoints for thier squad and submit them to be executed simultaniusly with the computer's actions. The ships automatically shoot when they are in range unless ordered not to. So It's really a matter of ship movement.

     The player controls a terminally ill commodore of a space fleet embarking on his final mission. There is seven months left to live. Time to make the most of it. Gameplay is simple, which is something you don't often hear about a turn based stratefy game, but it is also difficult. Get ready to die alot. But then, your terminally ill in this game. At best, your going to die.

     That leads me to my one problom with the game. I feel like the campeigns are too short. As soon as get into building my fleet, the game is over. Also, there is no save feature since the game is supposed to be really short. Even still, this is a big minus that a lot of steam users are upset about on the forum. Running the campeign is pretty cool though, you can meet all sorts of oddball characters who can either help you build up your armada or try and take you down.

     Final verdict: Flotilla is an awsome game with some big flaws that will kept it from taking the world by storm, but even still, I would grab it given the chance.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting game. Missing save feature? Thats a big no no in this day in age, where it is common practice. At least an autosave function so dont have replay previous levels, or something. I can this type of "frozen synapse style" gameplay being something that could be used for different types of games. For example I could see an RPG made with this. Good REview man keep up the good work!