Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tiger Claw Radio #87

Back in the saddle again. Welcome to episode 87 of Tiger Claw Radio!

Download Episode 87 here

Team Fortress Arcade

Final Verdict on Blockade Runner: Needs more interaction 3/5 dopes. Has potential. We'll see in a future version.

The Binding of Isacc, Edmund McMillen's new game is available for 5 bucks (2/5 dopes)
-Horror themed 2d shooter which draws a lot of roguelike influence
-Randomly generated dungeons, never play the same game twice
-8 levels and 20 bosses
-100 different items to get

-The Humble FROZEN SYNAPSE bundle
-Features FROZEN SYNAPSE (usually 25 bucks) 5/5 dopes

Beat the average and get (4.50)
-Shaddow Grounds
-Shaddow Grounds: Survior
-Jack Claw Proto-Type
-Splot Pre order

(Freeware Pick) Black Lodge 2600 (Twin Peaks themed Atari 2600 style game) 1/5 Dopes

Kale in Dinoland - Gameboy Remake for iPhone (Circa 1992)

I have a new Minecraft youtube channel with Darabka. "Minecraft Coxville"

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  1. "Douchebag with...." nice! When I was talking to you about Torchlight before I mixed it up with another game called "Trine", which is a Plattformer in a fantasy setting and thats why I said it was similar to "Lost Vikings", so forget that comment.

    I did enjoy Project Gordon, but has some major problems I agree. I did finish it, but I agree there are WAY better Demakes out there, like Halo Zero (2d Halo game).

    Virtual On would be interesting there are a couple of games where its a 2d one on one fighting game. Doom would be cool as a run and gun game, (I think there is actually adoom plattformer, I know there is the Doom Rougelike, which would count as one) possibly Painkiller? Or Amnesia the dark Descent as an C64, Spectrum or Atari Demake, would be awesome to see if they can get the same dread with those graphical styles then with the modern PC graphics and sounds.

    Anyway just my two cents until I get my but up and record Beastcast 6! :)