Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pay What You Want - Indie Royale Bundle

    A new company has decided to enter the "pay what you want" bundle market. Indie Royale has packed together four premium indie games together. (Sanctum, Gemini Rue, ARES, and Nimbus) The way they are doing it, the minimum value started at 2.00. The more people pay, the less the minimum is. The less people pay, the more the minimum is. Because of this, the price is slowly rising, so make sure you get in on it quickly.

   3 of the four games are redeemable on Steam and there are rumors that the fourth will have a Steam key added later. (Though I can't confirm this.) Also, they have had some technical issues with the keys so make sure you bookmark your page once you buy it. Enjoy everyone!

   Go check out Indie Royale here.

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