Monday, May 16, 2011

Tiger Claw Radio #72

I set out to make this an episode about Quake, but things going the way they always do, the range of topics went from Terraria the new 2d Minecraft clone, to the state of affairs with thrift stores. Also included is a rant about sega. Enjoy!

Download Episode 72 here



  1. Is this THAT rant that you mentioned the other week?

  2. Hello, I'm Charles Bronson, I like to dance.

  3. Yo my name is Frank but dat name is kinda stank so yo can callz me bank cuz I all up in da rank fellin up fo a prank on dat dumbo skank cuz shez such a fank now it time for yo to go walk the plank.

    Congratulations you are now a wannabe rapper. Now for real questions; Would you rather go shopping with $2000 in cast or $4000 in nickels? Whats a worse idea, trying to 1up the half blind gammer or smooch someone addicted to pickles?