Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiger Claw Radio #70 - TCTV Q&A

In this special episode, I took all the submitted questions for the Tiger Claw TV Q&A and bounced them off the TCR Panel. This is somewhat of a short episode, but I think it came out well. Enjoy!

Download Episode 70 Here

-YM Rockerz Album

-Humble Bundle 3

-VVVVVV creater has a premear of the next Distactionware game.

-Ludum Dare 20 "It's Dangerous to go alone! Take This!"


  1. You ever get that feeling that maybe what you just said set off a chain of events that could ultimately lead to the distrucion of an insect that you never heard of exept for once in Science class and thought you didn't care until you stop and think that you do care and Bob Bobbert sent you a call calling you a piggyhorn smile spitter?

    P.S. Have me on the panel! I Never Cure HAHAHAHA

  2. Never cure curses or never curse cure? Either way it makes good radio. =3

    Why do I send voice mail when I'm drunk is beyond me.

    wooowooowooop I'm drunk.