Monday, May 22, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #185 - Dumb Spinny Things



    Don't worry, this isn't a Trojan Horse. It's an audio comment. Post a reply if this does not work so I can try to find other means to send it.

  2. 1.@Minute 9: I bore witness to the table gymnastics that night. It sounded painful....and hot at the same time. I ain't gonna lie, I was pantsless and certainly glad the sounds of combat masked my intentions.

    2. IT'S A FIDGET!!!

    3. Please for the love of Failure, use your music for the intro. It hurts that the last three did the typical dual channel rapid fire of different melodies, but regardless, I like the mess you've made and miss the old intro.

    4. For The DOOM Debacle: Buy the boxed edition. It's typically cheaper than the digital distros (Tomcat X got his for $20 during the Christmas Sale) Of course, only buy in new condition since it's just a permanent rental on Steam.

    5. After getting $16 in Steam credit from selling trading cards, I came to the realization that I'm Scrooge McDuck. I saw games that normally aren't bundle fodder and yet couldn't pull the trigger out of spite to the sale price. Do you think it'll be possible to overcome my hurdle of being cheap? The world may never know.

    6. In regards to the joke/truth about Steam being a rental service: I am one of those guys who bothered to read the Steam Subscriber Agreement. Hint no.1 in any case of law; subscription means temporary permission. You're not even buying permanent access to the license, which you do when buying it on services like Good Old Games (The difference being you are responsible for preserving the license.). It seems stupid with the amount of defense Valve gets where I've heard outrageous comments like, "A lot of the games don't need Steam to work anyways." or, "There are many ways to remove the Steam DRM if you are really bent out of shape about it." I think the part about violating the agreement should be important for the sake of agreeing to a system that is anti-consumer.

    I treat the service as a rental service because it is and is one of the many reasons I don't spend a lot of money on Steam titles. I mostly spend Steam Credit through selling cards or through 95%+ discounts from the BundleVerse. The BundleVerse Provides....amen.

    This garbage about relativism on ownership goes out the window once these people remember games they want to play but are no longer allowed to play. I already have 7 games on Steam I am not allowed to play anymore because of this DRM practice. The list will only grow larger.

    Long story short: words, words never change. #ForeverTriggered :)

    (DON'T READ This ON AIR)
    Whatever you do, please don't consider me for the Trackmania game. I don't have the racing 'tism to play more than casually on rare occasions.

  3. ITS A FIDGET!!! This was truly a great episode! Kaiser told me about fightcade, but for some reason it didnt work for me. Ill try again and maybe we can play some of them fighting games.

    I remember you telling about missing out on Doom. It will go down in price again. I want to get it too eventually, I just hope it will run well enough on my rig.

    Question of the week:
    How long does it take for you, before you give up on a game? Are there game genres you just cant get into?